novoline418 asked:

I just wanted to say about your photo that time is not a concept, but a fact, and we didn't creat it, but we choose how to manage it and deal with it, if we have plenty of time at age of 90, or we don't at age of 18, that's all. 😸

Thanks for your thoughts, it’s always nice to get someone’s opinion about the things I post. And, I agree with what you’ve said. I just posted it because I think it’s a nice reminder that we can choose how we use our time. Thanks for stopping by :) xxx

Update. Possible TW

I think I’m getting bad again. 

I had to convince my psychologist today that I wasn’t going to act on my suicidal thoughts, and struggled to do anything in the appointment once the eating disorder thoughts started.

I’ve cut out things and I’m starting to restrict again.

I bought a cross trainer last weekend, and have used it every day since then and can’t have a day off. 

I’ve got 3 weeks left of work, and then I’m back to being unemployed and I’ve had to resign from my other casual job. And there’s a potential hospital admission to look forward to.

I honestly don’t know if there’s any point to keeping on, because there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. 

I think I’m getting bad again. I am getting bad again.